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Michael Winchester, the Artist

Michael Winchester

Yellow Wall Studio was created to bring you distinctive art pieces that will definitely start conversations. Every piece is handmade and comes from the unconventional ideas I often find bouncing around in my head.

Found objects are big in my work. It may be a historic photo that I use in my collages, a nostalgic doll head, or a retro globe abandoned in a classroom. I like to take the discarded and give it new life.

When I was young, I acquired some legitimate art education but more importantly life allowed for some travel. I still like to explore any way I can and take in the culture, customs, and conviviality of others. You’ll see my work draws on different cultures and is a lot about pulling individual pieces together to produce something new. I suppose that’s why I ended up working in:

Collage & Assemblage, with Social Awareness

The actual business started back in 2010…sort of! I had a borrowed tent, a lawn chair, and my pictures. Well, I kept at it and the reception has grown. I’ve been able to meet some of the recipients of my work, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. I can now say my pieces have found homes in all 50 states, Canada, the U.K., and the Netherlands. Not long ago, my work was selected by the Four Seasons Hotel, and is featured in Athens, Greece.

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